Sensationail gel polish

I’ve had this Sensational gel polish kit for probably a year or so. Frankly I’ve been scared to try it. I wasn’t sure I’d get the application right and I knew I’d need to take my time doing it.

I love the longevity of gel polish though so I finally sat myself down and did it while watching tv.

SensatioNail Raspberry WineI originally applied the above on Tuesday September 30th. Please ignore how terrible my cuticles look. It’s an ongoing battle.
IMG_6930This photo is after more than a weeks worth of wear, taken Thursday October 9th.

I have to say, I’m impressed with how well it’s held up. Especially with me being a newby at applying gel polish. I’ll probably remove it this weekend since I have some obvious growth. But first, I’m gonna run to the store and pick up another shade. I feel like this is going to be a new addiction.

A is for


I have a fairly wide windowsill that I always place things on and I look forward to Halloween every year because of that. I decided I needed something Halloween/Fall appropriate to hang on my office door too.


I made a stop at both Michael’s and Hobby Lobby last weekend to pick up supplies. Everything I bought ended up coming from Hobby Lobby because I didn’t like the font of the wood letters they had in store at Michael’s. HL actually had their paints on sale 30-40% off so that was a total win.


I painted the entire letter Folk Art “Linen” then using coins I traced circles to make polka dots with a pencil. I went with fall colors and added a bow after cleaning up my dots and spraying with a satin poly.

FOTD: Browns

make up in brownsCC Cream in Light to Medium -

Rosegold Mineral Eye Shadow on lid -

Sienna in crease – no longer available

Truffle in outer corner –

Cafe Au Lait on lips –

Light to medium Bronzing powder on cheeks -

Shy Blush mineral blush on cheek bones -

Ultimate mascara in black –


photo (1)

I love hot pink lipsticks. I own several. But this morning on my way to work I realized I forgot to put on lipstick after doing my makeup. Sad!

We have samples in the bathroom in my office so I grabbed this and IIIIII just need to buy it now. It is Mary Kay True Dimensions “Sassy Fuchsia”. It is super creamy and goes on so light and smooth. It almost feels like a lip gloss instead of a lipstick. 



I got proposed to. 

Let me just say, he has JOKES, y’all. He’s done this multiple times and we both just laugh and laugh. Except now I’m afraid one day I may laugh and he’ll be serious. Guys are so ridiculous. I know it’s not a ‘normal’ proposal but I do think it would be a cute way to propose to someone. Do you have a cute proposal story?


boys and toys

We went to Chuck E Cheese’s and I could not drag the guys away from the two person racing game. I guess it’s true, they never grow up. We had a blast over all though. I think our ticket total wound up being around 300. I really wish we had a Dave and Busters around here!


whatLast week I glanced up and this was standing outside of my office window. Well, ok. The horse was gorgeous. He kept prancing around. The riders attire made me anticipate the new season of Sleepy Hollow. Do any of you watch that show?


cinnamon rollsCinnamon rolls? Don’t mind if I do. These are the “from the can” type. I really wish we had enough counter space to make a home made batch! Alas, it is not the case. I have pinned a few recipes that I don’t think require as much labor as traditional cinnamon rolls. I need to give those a try, I suppose. Do you have a simple/easy cinnamon roll recipe?





Modcloth cats!

I have been keeping my eye on these two items for some time now. And then I get an email from Modcloth about a 50% sale and I COULD NOT RESIST clicking.

photo 1 (1)

Sadly neither the measuring cups or the sugar bowl were on sale but when in Rome and all that. I also bought a dress but I’m going to post pictures of myself in it when I actually gussy up.

photo 2

Could could either of these be cuter, I ask you? Future Cat Lady merchandise.

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Boom, Pow

Let freedom ring, let the white dove sing

I had such an amazing 4th of July weekend. My office was closed and I spent a lot of time with my boy BFF, his daughter and extended family. We did a lot of running around, ate some food, saw some fireworks, did some shopping and a big of lazing around.

I played with camera settings to shoot the firework show. I was pretty impressed with how my photos turned out.

Let freedom ring, let the white dove sing

Dinner on Monday was four chicken breast, a jar of salsa, a package of taco seasoning and then at the last minute, some fire roasted corn and black beans in the slow cooker. NOM!! It made a boat load of food so that’s what I had for lunch yesterday, along with a tortilla and some shredded cheese. This was seriously one of the easiest and tastiest meals! I can’t believe it took me so long to give it a try after seeing it posted everywhere.

photo 1So how was your holiday weekend? Have you gotten back into the swing of things now that it’s Wednesday?